The library has more than 300,000 of Thai and Foreign books, over 80,000 of Journals, over 15,000 of Audiovisual materials, and Computer network (Internet) for students. Open from Monday to Saturday (07.00 – 21.00 hrs.), Sunday (09.00 – 19.00 hrs.) at Faculty of Architecture. Moreover, we also providing service of checking borrow list and searching for books, journals, digital media, and information via the internet. For Interested students able to use the service at

Academic reliability is the essence and the success of being a quality institution of education for future graduates. These would lead to create human resources who keep practicing, develop idea, develop skill, and develop their academic potential. We allow the students to do it by themselves.

Modern computer lab providing maintenance services for computer networks in the university and developing a new university management system which consists of fast and accurate of searching systems such as Student registration system, Financial system, and Course management system.

The rooms, show and present various works of students which exhibited in the permanent exhibition room, will present more than 2500 pieces of antique and manufactured cups in Thailand, such as Sukhothai crockery, Lanna crockery, Burmese crockery, Vietnamese crockery, Japanese crockery, and Chinese crockery. This Art gallery not only being a source of knowledge for those who interested but aims to be the center of Southeast Asia crockery museum for curators and students to study and searching the information for their research.

There are many books and texts (both Thai and English) by the expert professors in Faculty of Architecture, KMITL and others. Open from Monday to Saturday (07.00 – 21.00 hrs.) and Sunday (09.00-19.00 hrs.)

Students, Lecturers, and Staffs of Faculty will get the privilege to buy the product for education at Apple Store. Save with the educational promotion price of new Mac and new Ipad.

Classroom equipment information (February 2019)